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Museo Antoine De Saint-Exupèry

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry lived in our Bay of Porto Conte, in Alghero, from May to July 1944. He resided in a villa located in our property. As a pilot, he flew for the Allied American air force stationed at the military airport of Fertilia, where he was entrusted with reconnaissance flights along the French coastline to identify and photograph German outposts.

Author of masterpieces including The Little Prince, which is the most-read book in the history of literature with the sole exceptions of the Bible and the Koran, he spent the significant final months of his life in Alghero, and celebrated his last birthday here. Indeed, it was here, caressed by the waves, that the poet-aviator wrote most of the novel entitled The Wisdom of the Sands, as well as his final work, Letter to an American.

During his time in Alghero, Life magazine photojournalist John Phillips completed a photo shoot that immortalised the writer’s final days.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry disappeared in the skies above France on 31 July, 1944, after taking off from Borgo airport in Bastia.