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Hotel El Faro - Yoga & Spa

"Our body is a boat that will take us to the other side of the ocean of life. We must take care of it ".

All levels will be welcomed at the chattra yoga sessions and will be received by Maryanna Pais (Chatura Milati), yoga and meditation coach and functional trainer, specialized in technical, therapeutic and energetic aspects of yoga.

• 3 nights in single or double room with buffet breakfast
• 3 Sattwic dinner (drinks are not included)
• 2 daily yoga practices (60 minutes each)
• 3 Wellness Program deluxe: use of sauna, steam room, sensory showers, bath in the Dead Sea salt pool & hot tea in our relax zone (by reservation)

€ 390,00 per person, for 3 nights, in double room
€ 510,00 for 3 nights, in double room single use

No fees up to 7 days before arrival, from 6 to 3 days before arrival the cancellation fee will be 50%. After such date, you will be charged the amount of the whole stay.


Morning yoga sessions:

Include a balanced blend of traditional yogic practices aimed at energizing the body and subtle bodies, focusing the mind on the present moment and setting positive intentions for the day.

1 hour Practices include:
• Breathing (pranayama)
• Meditation (dhyana)
• Traditional postures (asana)
• Mantras, mudras and kriyas
• Relaxation (savasana)


Evening yoga sessions:

Following the energy of the evening which is gentler and more introspective, the practices will be aimed at emptying the mind, relaxing the body, releasing emotional tensions and connecting to one’s inner self.

1 hour Practices include:
• Deep breathing (pranayama)
• Meditation (dhyana)
• Yin yoga and moon salutation
• Mantras
• Guided meditation and relaxation (savasana)

Lessons will be held at the sea front area from 09.00am to 10.00 a.m. and from 06.30pm to 07.30 pm. Meeting location at the spa entrance, 5 minutes before scheduled time.