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Bathing in the Dead Sea salt bath has such a beneficial physical and mental effect that you have the feeling of being outside of your body. It takes us back to the stage where we were immersed in the womb, time stands still and it is utter relaxation. The “Dead Sea Pool” bath is the only one that allows you to swim in the same conditions as the Dead Sea. The solution inside the bath comes from the rehydration of pure, complete (Carnallite) Dead Sea Salt, hundreds of pounds, and nothing else is added. It truly immerses you in the Dead Sea.

The properties:

Regarding the properties of the Dead Sea Salts and Mud, now very well known and proven over the centuries, they are: the general improvement in subcutaneous microcirculation with obvious effects on cellulite build-up and the prevention of varicose veins; an improvement on overall skin thanks to the micro-trace elements present in quantities and the scrub effect of the Salts; a significant improvement in acne when used regularly, thanks to the antiseptic and scrub effect; and they are also used for the treatment of psoriasis even in its most severe dermal forms, including those affecting the scalp.


The relaxing effect on the spine due to flotation - when your back gets a boost from the bottom up - relaxes all the back muscles and helps to cure back pain.

The flotation, as such, is due to a general relaxation of the body that is reflected, first of all, on the muscles, but then goes on to also impact physical and mental stress. It has, in fact, a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate.

Immersion in the bath's saturated solution can be:
•Helpful in the treatment of pain from arthritis and osteoarthritis;
•An accelerator in the healing process of contractures and tears;
•Soothing on muscular pain and treat contractures in cramps.

The salt content in the Dead Sea water is useful for all circulatory diseases of the lower limbs. It ensures a more effective venous return and a better elimination of liquids, and is therefore recommended in the case of:
•Swollen and heavy legs;
•Peripheral circulation problems in diabetic patients.
During the bath immediately there is a slight redness and/ or itching characteristic of an increase in circulation.

Bathing in the Dead Sea bath has an effect on the airways due to salts contained in the vapours. Colds and also bronchial asthma benefit, as demonstrated by numerous related clinical studies and by the numerous salt caves in Italy.

Dead Sea salt is recommended especially in patients with psoriasis. Ablutions in the Dead Sea have from time immemorial been recommended for those suffering from this problem. But the beneficial effect on the skin not only affects those who have psoriasis: in general, the skin becomes smooth and glowing, soft and less imperfections are apparent. Due to the intrinsic characteristics of the salt, antiseptic and astringent, it is also used in cases of mild acne.

Common salt is made up of nearly 99% Sodium Chloride and a small amount of other elements including iodine. Using this salt for bathing can be harmful. The sodium contained in it, being in fact absorbed due to osmosis, nourishes microcirculation indeed improving circulation but causing a leakage of liquid from the capillary to the outside and, therefore, an increase in water retention.

Carnallite Dead Sea salt is a bitter, inedible salt and is made largely from Magnesium Chloride and Potassium Hexahydrate. These two elements are present throughout the body, and in particular:
•Magnesium regulates heartbeat, the immune system and is present in bone tissue with a greater than 50% percentage;
•Potassium is exchanged with sodium in the body to allow functioning of the muscles, heart and other vital organs.

For these reasons, this salt is used in beauty treatments but also to treat medical conditions. Magnesium chloride is also used on its own for pain from arthrosis.