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Hotel El Faro in Alghero is located directly on the beach, in the centre of the natural bay of Capo Caccia that due to its beauty was called by the Romans: Baia delle Ninfe (Bay of Nymphs).
It is protected from the Mistral wind by Mount Timidone and from the Grecale wind by Mount Doglia.

It is facing southwest and exposed to the sun from morning to sunset. Immersed in the Mediterranean scrub and pervaded by the heady scent of aloes, agaves in bloom, mastic trees and thriving Mediterranean dwarf palms that surround it, it is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy moments of pure relaxation and well-being.

Some people associate Sardinia only with the flash of the paparazzi, super yachts at anchor and “Emerald” social events.

Other people, however, are still looking for the Sardinia of times gone by ...

When the sea commanded respect, when the wind threw plans and thoughts into disorder; and the lights, the colours chanted the hours of the day - and night - in close contact with rugged nature, wild enough but still soft and welcoming.

That Sardinia still exists and, silently, works in order to offer the ultimate in comfort in a modern interpretation.
Silently, because this is not the Sardinia of large numbers but has always been and wants to remain an exclusive place, away from the din of noise and crowds.

Hotel El Faro was built in the 50s, designed by the architect Antonio Simon Mossa, the supporter of respecting architecture in nature; the “pencil” who created the Scala del Cabirol - access to the nearby Neptune's Grotto - and the famous Porto Cervo. Mossa imagined the building as an ocean liner, enriched with Spanish style arches and balconies, lying on the seabed with the stern wedged between the rocks; looking out from the terrace you experience the sensation of sailing, of travel. The stern is also home to a large swimming pool which further enhances the effect of navigation.

Hotel El Faro has always been a symbol of Sardinian hospitality and attraction for many illustrious guests such as Anthony Queen, George Brown, Sting and the unforgettable Marcello Mastroianni; guests that the Hotel has been able to safeguard and numerous others who, still today, have discovered a magical dimension here, that is impossible to forget.