El Faro Thalasso & Spa is located on the hotel's swimming pool floor and is accessible through the lobby. Access to the Spa is reserved exclusively for Hotel guests. Treatments are reserved for guests aged 16 and over. Children are not allowed even if accompanied.


To book an appointment contact the Spa directly (421) or through our Concierge (9); our staff will advise you on the treatment most suited to your requirements.

Time of arrival:

We recommend arriving 5 minutes prior to your treatment for a consultation with our staff. We are sorry to inform you that in case of delay the treatment will have a shorter duration.

State of health:

At the time of booking guests are encouraged to report any problems, allergies or special health conditions that may limit the choice of treatment. A form concerning the self-certification of your health status will be completed and signed prior to entry to the Spa.

Cancellation policy:

Treatments that are not cancelled at least 4 hours before the scheduled time will be charged in full.

Spa Etiquette:

Our Spa is an environment totally dedicated to relaxation and tranquillity: we kindly invite you to respect the right to privacy and relaxation for all our guests. Inside the Spa no mobile phones, smartphones or cameras are allowed, and smoking or consuming alcohol is not permitted.

What to bring with you:

Our guests will find fluffy towels, bathrobes and everything you need for your stay. Please bring your swimsuit if you wish to use the pool.

Valuables and personal effects:

Changing rooms lockers are available for guests to store their belongings. Please leave valuables and jewellery in your room. We accept no liability for the loss of valuables inside Faro Thalasso & Spa.

Gift voucher:

The perfect gift for a special person: for more information, please contact the Spa staff or our Concierge.

Prices: All prices are in Euros and are subject to change.

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